Book: OTR Sabe FYS softcover –

Book: OTR Sabe FYS softcover

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ON THE RUN BOOKS together form an encyclopedia that catalogs graffiti and urban art from around the world. Since 1990, the OTR team has built an ever-growing archive. With every title, original material from various key artists gets digitized and preserved and brings their story to the public. KNOW YOUR HISTORY!

Danish writer Sabe is a true master of styles. Adept on many levels, he is able to switch between advanced mechanical compositions, bubble styles, throw-ups, characters and photo-realism with ease. With a ‘paint now, think later’ attitude he mixes up these styles to suit the occasion, leaving a legacy of playful hybrids that sit left of mainstream.

Never one to be called a slacker, he has an execution rate that leaves most gasping for air.

128 pages, Texts: English, softcover 23,4x16cm