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Book: Still on and non the Wiser

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When it comes to graffiti and streetart, RIK REINKING can be considered as europe's probably most ambitious art collector and expert for these arts.
He organizes exhibitions with a line up of the great names in the graffiti scene, so they finally get the attention they deserve.
The book STILL ON AND NON THE WISER is a documentation of one of these
groundbreaking exhibitons which took place in the Von der Heydt-Museum Wuppertal in 2007.
It documents the exhibited works of the eleven involved artists; DANIEL MAN, HEIKO ZAHLMANN, DAIM, STOHEAD, TASEK [DE], HERBERT BAGLIONE, OS GEMEOS [BR],
MISS VAN, TILT, ZEVS [FR] and PIUS PORTMANN [CH]. Moreover, each of them got a personal portfolio section which shows more exceptional works besides the works presented in the exhibition.
These articles and the use of special print techniques throughout the book make this catalogue something special and let the reader take part in the growing-up of
this culture.